First advisory board meeting for Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative

Moving the project forward and getting validation on our program’s objectives were key discussions during our first advisory board meeting on March 24, 2014.

Meeting via teleconference, we discussed how differentiating ourselves from other debates linked to pregnancy is important, and so is clarifying the purpose of the initiative. The new branding and identity of the program, which we were presented with, supports this – Pregnancy Taboos will soon be replaced by Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative.


We also tackled the Pregnancy and Medicine Manifesto, a document that describes the vision and objectives of our initiative, and will serve as a guiding principle as we rationalize our role in addressing this important issue.

Finally, we discussed our upcoming awareness campaign. Targeting pregnant women with a disease as well as women who have a disease and want to become pregnant, the campaign aims to address the right to appropriate medical care, information, and access to advances in medicine. We also plan to have dedicated communication tools for healthcare providers, which will support them in their role as information providers.

This is just the beginning and the board will continue to play an important role throughout Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative’s journey. We look forward to more recommendations on the direction of the program, help in opening up the initiative’s network, and their essential expertise in the development of our communications and programs.

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