New survey aims to highlight use of medication in pregnancy

The use of medication in pregnancy is fraught with uncertainty. Very much a grey area, many women and their partners struggle with conflicting information and advice offered to them while pregnant or breastfeeding. Our 2016 Safe Motherhood report found that roughly one-third of women had taken one or more medication during their pregnancy. In many cases it is necessary as the mother may have had a pre-existing or chronic condition before conceiving her child, such as diabetes, asthma, depression, or arthritis.

Now a new research study is seeking the help of pregnant women and new mothers in exploring what factors influence a pregnant woman’s intention to purchase medication online.

The researchers at the Institute of Nursing and Health Science at Ulster University in Northern Ireland wish to understand a pregnant woman’s behaviour and reasons for purchasing medication online to maintain safety and provide effective services in the future. They are asking women who are currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the past two years, are aged 18 years  or over, with the ability to read and understand English, to take part in an online survey.

Even women who have not purchased medication online can take part, as their insights will still be of value, say the researchers.

Medications can include prescribed medications, over the counter medications, herbal/homeopathic medications, vitamins and supplements. The researchers hope to use the information they learn to ultimately improve communications between healthcare professionals and pregnant women on this often difficult topic.

The survey can be accessed HERE.  

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