I wouldn’t change a thing

babyWhat would you endure to have a baby?

Before her son was born, Helen Broadley (not her real name) was battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and it took her two years to conceive, suffering a miscarriage along the way. Instead of feeling excitement at the positive pregnancy test, she and her husband spent much of the pregnancy worrying about how her condition could harm the fetus.

Her son is now five months old and Helen is on new medication. And although her doctors have told her it’s safe to conceive on if she wants to try for another child, she would still choose to come off it. While Helen has her reasons, this fundamental issue in trust (both in what doctors have to say and the medication itself), is something that we are trying to address at the Pregnancy & Medicine Initiative. We hope that by bridging this gap, other women in the same situation won’t be in doubt.

Listen to her story.

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