International Meeting on Cancer & Pregnancy: closing the information gap

What advice should be given to a pregnant woman with cancer? As we try to close the information gap around this subject and call for a centralization of expertise on this subject, events like the International Meeting on Cancer and Pregnancy, which was held at the end of November 2013, are essential.

It is possible to treat cancer during pregnancy, but it is a general problem in oncology that practitioners don’t have a large range of experience in this area and more and more drugs are coming onto the market. This is why the conference aimed to gather experts and exchange information on the topic.

Held in Frankfurt, the conference covered topics including breast cancer and pregnancy, gynecological carcinomas during pregnancy, and pregnancy after cancer. It was great to be at the event as we were able to connect with medical professionals and individuals who can now be part of our future map of experts. This map will enable patients to see who they can turn to, what areas they specialize in, and where they are located.

Two such experts, Dr. Frederic Amant and Dr. Sybylle Loibl, explored what advice should be given to patients with cancer.

We hope to attend more events like this in 2014 to break the silence on pregnancy taboos and gather more information.

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