Pregnancy taboos and HIV

For many HIV-positive women, pregnancy can seem a remote prospect. To begin with there is the natural concern that their illness could prevent them from seeing their child grow up. But there is also the question of the antiretroviral drugs that are essential to their health. Could the drugs they take during pregnancy affect the development of their child? The…

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Treating depression during pregnancy

There’s a one in four chance that a woman will suffer from depression during her life. And given this statistic, there’s a fair chance that depression may coincide with pregnancy. So what should women who take drugs to manage their depression do if they want to have a baby, or if they find themselves pregnant? Opinion surrounding the use of…

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When cancer comes young, can pregnancy come later?

These days many women don’t have to deal with the question of whether they’ll be able to have children until later in life – perhaps when they’re in a stable relationship, they’ve settled in a home, or they’ve reached a point in their career where pregnancy seems right for them. But for others, like those who’ve suffered from cancer at…

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